Birthday Parties

Has your child's birthday party had every clown in town?

Have their school shows had so many magicians they 
know how to do the tricks?

Time to try a unique party theme...


Imagine your daughter holding a cuddly chinchilla. Or your son with the giant snake of his dreams! Zoo To You will bring exotic (not common or boring) animals to your school, church, or social function. We are more than just a petting zoo. The children will have their picture taken with their favorite animals to keep for a lifetime...





What Zoo to You Brings to You


In the space of an hour you'll have the chance to hold, pet and have your picture taken with some of the most popular exotic pets around. Many are the same interesting creatures that make the reptile house at the World Famous San Diego Zoo "the most popular attraction there". (Source: Tour Guide, San Diego Zoo) Along with small mammals, flying feathered friends and creepy crawly bugs, we bring enough to thrill everyone. This is how we do it!

What Makes Our Show Better

Your kids are the stars not us! They direct the show with their questions and ideas. Even the shyest member of the audience feels comfortable holding our well-behaved animals. We believe your party is a place for a good time. We focus on fun, as for being educational--well, that just kind of happens.

We do not use "week-end" showman. Our performers have experience that goes back over 20 years in the entertainment industry.

All We Need From You

All you need to do is supply us with private access to the space you pick to be our "Stage". From there we will set up transport cages that will be covered from view by a curtain to keep the animals a surprise. Then invite everyone in to sit around our stage area and the show begins.


The Show

The audience is informed that behind this curtain we have several animal cages that are marked ace, two, three, Jack, Queen, King and so on. This is where the first child (typically Birthday boy or girl, Class President, etc...) gets the opportunity to pick a card. If they choose the 10 of diamonds then the "Star" will take center stage as the Zoo To You assistant informs us that # 10 is busy, so they need to pick another card. This is where the fun starts because every time the child goes to pick a card it is always the same card no matter how many times we take it out of the deck! As some of the family or friends get a chance at the deck, they pick other cards with no problems. We bring out their animals one by one and keep returning to the "Star", but it's still the same card over and over again. Many of the other kids have had their pictures taken but the *Star* is still picking #10. Dozens of laughs later, cage # 10 is ready and our "child of the hour" will get the long awaited chance to get their souvenir photo with their animal. Is it a giant lizard? How about the 12 foot Albino White Python? You'll find out when we bring Zoo To You to your special occasion.

How We Care For Our Stars

Cleanliness is job one each day. Followed by fresh air and natural sunlight. Cages are large and spacious enough for each animal to move freely and build strong muscle tone. All are fed high quality diets full of vitamins and of course special treats at Show Time to make Zoo To You fun for them too! We are proud to say that none of our reptiles eat any live food! In the wild it's natural, but in our compound we are able to step in and eliminate needless suffering.

sick snake

Where We Have Been

Our animals have been around the world, from Zurich, Switzerland to major motion pictures here in Nevada. Maybe you have seen us on "Animal Planet" or "Ripley's Believe it or Not". We have also appeared various shows on FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, TNN, Showtime, and Comedy Central. Your home could be next!

rescued parrot and tortoise



Happy Customers

"Dear Steve and Maria,
You two had left our house only a couple hours ago and my kids are still talking about how silly Steve was. What a wonderful performance. Now I know what the difference is between your "show" and just a regular petting zoo. I had a petting zoo stye show last year and it was very nice but nothing like the funny performance you two put on. I went with the petting zoo because it was cheaper but thought i'd spring for the extra this year and so happy I did. I will recommend you to all my friends with kids.
-Laurie S.
Henderson, NV


Cerebral Palsy Telethon

"It was delightful having you at the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon*you two are wonderful professionals with just the right amount of nuttiness needed..."
-Patricia Clem, Public Information Directorr


"A huge success. Our students were very entertained and excited... I have received many compliments for hiring him..."
-Mary Massey
Associated Students of Fresno Pacific College


Via Email
Subject: My son's birthday experience

I just ran across your website and thought I would comment on the wonderful ever-lasting experience that my son who turned 8 in Aug.. I don't usually comment but you left a profounding affect that a year later we still talk about how great your entertainment was. Not to mention the souvenir photo and snake skin. It's all worth it! The money, the smiles on the little ones faces and your personalities with the children! Bravo!"


tortoise at kid's party"It's been two years since Zoo to You was at my son's Birthday Party and he still has this photo in his room. Thanks for a great show."

Las Vegas, NV


"Dear Zoo to you,
Maria, I feel so sorry for you having to put up with the 50 year old "Kid" you married. He was such an unexpected delight. He left such an impression on my kids that they still imitate him and its been a month since you did your birthday party. Steve has a gift to educate children by making them laugh. Keep up the good work!"

- Jane M.



"I just have to say i didn't expect such a pretty lady to handle snakes but my teenage sons were happy to sit in on their little brothers birthday party show for some reason (haha) In the first 15 minutes of the show my children didn't stop laughing at Steve and his silly antics. By the time the show ended I wanted to hug you both. I could see your love for animals is genuine and you taught that love to my children and I appreciate that so much. Thank you Reptile Rescue.

- Laurie G

Boulder City, NV


"Wow! What a great show you two put on. 30 children jazzed up on sugar and they still sat and watched every thing you do. True showman delivering an important message of care for animals.

- Joe & Mary F.

Kingman, AZ

happy customer letterSchool Shows

When we are invited to perform for a school we approach each performance with education in mind. The way we present our program for a group of 4 year olds greatly differs from our demonstration to kids in junior high. We also know that a great way to educate is to have so much fun that the educational part just kinda sneaks in. By the time we finish your class has laughed and learned all about reptiles and animals.

Fundraising Events

Does your organization have events to raise funds? Let our rescued pets be part of the drive. Seeing animals often stirs up such emotion that it is not unusual for donations to be increased because they are present at an event. Call us to discuss your groups needs and let our staff help your next fund raising drive. Oh, if your raising funds to help animals we might just waive our fees.